Tire-Lift for HMMWV

RICO - The Exclusive Supplier to TACOM

Rhino Industries and BPR/RICO Equipment, Inc. formed a strategic alliance.  This newly formed alliance will capitalize on RICO's outstanding reputation and  provide a proven manufacturing capability.   RICO's HMMWV Product Literature and Product Pricing is now available online.   RICO's efforts will be focused on being the exclusive TACOM supplier in the present and for future projects such as:

  • Future Tactical Truck System Vehicles ( FTTS )
  • MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle ( M-ATV )
  • Joint Light Tactical Vehicle ( JLTV )
  • Mine Resistant Ambush Protection Vehicle ( MRAP )
  • Joint Explosive Ordnance Disposal Rapid Response Vehicle ( JERRV )

National Stock Number

The HMMWV Drop Down Spare Tire Carrier Accessory Kit has been assigned NSN 2590-01-525-1995.

Military Design Requirements

The military design was based on stringent TACOM (US Army's Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command) design requirements. The spare tire carrier permits the vehicles tailgate to be fully lowered and its cargo bed to be loaded without obstruction, and facilitates access to the rear outside hatch latch of an Armament or TOW Carrier.

TACOM Tested and Approved

TACOM awarded contracts to BPR/RICO Equipment, Inc. and four other competing contractors including Ibis Tek.   Product testing commenced May 10th, 2004 at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.  The Rhino design was officially announced as the winner of the competition on October 29th, 2004.  TACOM Test Results

Mechanical Assist to Raise/Lower the Spare Tire

Because the spare tire weighs as much as 163 lbs., the spare tire carrier includes an assist that enables a 5th-percentile female to lower the spare tire from the carrier to the ground, and to raise the tire from the ground to the carrier, without risk of injury.


The spare tire carrier locates the spare tire in the center of the rear of the HMMWV.  This is a bolt on kit and does not require any drilling or welding.  Mounting options include mounting directly to an airlift rear bumper or the use of an accessory kit to mount to the frame rails for those HMMWV's without rear bumpers.

Departure Angle

The spare tire carrier does not decrease the departure angle of the HMMWV.


The spare tire carrier does not interfere with the horizontal visibility of the HMMWV's blackout tail lamps, and locates the spare tire as close as is practicable to the rear of the vehicle, to maximize the tail lamps horizontal angles of cutoff.


All lubrication fittings are located and/or protected to minimize inadvertent damage. Permanent lubrication (sometimes referred to as lube for life) is not used.

CARC Paint

The final protective finish of the spare tire carrier is the Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC) Paint System defined by TACOM Drawing No. 12369003, Rev. E, except the color is black per Chip No. 37030 of FED-STD-595B.

Non-Bumper Mount Kit

The Non-Bumper Mount Kit was designed to allow mounting of the Drop Down Spare Tire Carrier Accessory Kit on those HMMWV's not currently equipped with bumpers.

Installation Instructions for Non-Bumper Mount Kit

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