Competitive Comparison


All Tire Carriers are not Created Equal You be the Judge . . .
Installed with Hand tools Drilling and Tapping holes not Required Yes No Yes
Drop Down Feature Yes No Yes
Lowers Tire All The Way to Ground Yes No No
Mechanical or Powered Assist to Raise 163 lbs Tire Yes No No
Dual D-ring Mount Yes No No
Cup & Cone Pivot Bearings Yes No Yes
Pivot Pin Shaft Diameter 1-3/8" N/A 1"
Federal Motor Vehicle Safety compliant Latch Mechanism Yes No No
Weight 94 lbs N/A 57 lbs
Optional Chrome Finish Yes No No
Jack Mounting Bracket Yes Yes Yes
License Plate Bracket & Light Yes Yes Yes

Rhino Industries, Inc. is not affiliated with SMA or Predator Motor Sports. The name SMA and Predator Motor Sports are trademarked by their respective companies. All information was gathered from promotional material published by the respective companies or from actual product purchased May-June 2004. It is correct to the best of our knowledge but due to technological developments it is subject to change without notice.

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