Company Background

Solid Foundation

The foundation of Rhino Industries, Inc. is deeply rooted in its founding principal, Dave Mueller. His professional skills in design, manufacturing, and business management have proven to be a successful formula.

Mueller's previous business ventures have proven that you can successfully grow a US manufacturing company from scratch and turn it into a highly profitable multimillion dollar business in just a few years. This experience includes building a manufacturing company to be one of the leading producers of specially engineered lift trucks in the United States.

Using a Proven Model

Rhino Industries Inc, is using the same proven business model. Rhino is proud to be one of the few companies to be totally self sufficient in the design, fabrication and assembly of its products. This included everything from engineering, steel plate burning, CNC machining, welding, paint and final assembly. This philosophy eliminates dependency on outside sources since 95% of all work is performed in house and under their control.

Advanced Product Design

To remain on the leading edge of company efficiency and performance, Rhino relies exclusively on sophisticated 3D modeling software for all designs. This allows our team of engineers to explore all design options before choosing the final approach.

Important factors like tailgate clearance, product mounting and styling can be electronically prototyped in a visual environment. Next we analyze the mechanical structure using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to simulate how the design will react when specific load are applied to the product.


Rhino Industries is more than just an engineering company. A 60,000 sq/ft facility located in Medina, Ohio employs flexible manufacturing and assembly to produce Rhino products for both automotive OEM and aftermarket customers.

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