Tire-Lift Features

Every single feature has been thoughtfully designed and integrated into the tire-lift product line.

  • Click here for more detailed product specifications, as well as a comparison between Rhino and our competion.


Rhino's exclusive design takes two Timken cup and cone bearings and includes the largest diameter pivot pin offered in the marketplace. This provides a near frictionless effort to rotate the tire carrier clear of the tailgate.

Easy Access Latch

An easily accessible paddle latch measuring 3.25" x 4.25" provides easy opening and closing of the tire carrier without having to search for pull pins. Most important to your safety is the latch meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 206 for door locks and retention components.

OE Pushbutton

The electric tire carrier comes complete with an OE push button that can be installed in the cargo area to actuate the carrier up and down.

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